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Frequently Asked Questions


1.       How long will it take for my popcorn to arrive?

Generally 3-7 days based on zipcode.

2.       Can I track my order?

Yes, we supply you with a tracking number once your order has shipped. Then you can log in to or and track your package.

3.       How can I keep my popcorn fresh?

  • Avoid opening your popcorn until you’re ready to eat it.
  • Avoid high heat, for instance do not place in a window with direct sun-light and exposure to humidity, for example do not place in a bowl to share in the OBX in the middle of summer, it will be stale tasting in a minute because of our high humidity rate.

4.       How do I go about getting a quote for a custom label party favor?

Email us at with the information you’d like on your label (name, date, theme, colors) and what flavor (s) of our gourmet popcorn you would like and how many units so we can get you a quote.

5.       Is OBX gourmet popcorn gluten free?
Yes!  Expcept the only popcorn we carry that contains gluten is S’mores, due to the graham crackers we mix in. Occasionally a “flavor of the month” might also contain gluten, yet our” flavors of the month” are not always specific to each month and do change, so please contact us if you have concerns and we’d happily find the answer for you.

6.       What kind of oil do you pop your corn in?

We popcorn our gourmet popcorn in pure coconut oil. We do this because after trying many oils this is the one oil we have found to not make our popcorn taste bitter. Coconut oil also has many health benefits like helping regulate blood sugar, boosting thyroid function and increase metabolism.

7.       I have allergies can I eat OBX gourmet popcorn?

All of our popcorn is popped in coconut oil, which is considered as a tree nut. We also have almonds and cashews in our Corolla Crunch. With almonds and cashews on site this can cause all of our gourmet popcorn flavors to have a trace amount of these nuts on them.

We also have soy and milk products in many of our flavors. Each bag does contain an ingredient label, and we would always be happy to provide you with ingredients prior to shipping if needed.

8.       What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

9.       I have a promo code/ coupon code how do I use this?

Once you have all of the items you would like to purchase in your cart and start the checkout process there is a coupon code box you can enter the promo/coupon code here.

10.   Are the flavors in my gift tin mixed together?

No, the flavors in your gift tin are divided by a cardboard divider.

11.   I want to order in bulk, how much should I order?

We would be happy to discuss your event size and details with you. Please email us at to let us help you plan accordingly.

12.   I want to order some corporate gifts for my clients? What are my options?

We would be happy to help you thank and impress your clients with a gift that will leave them with a smile long after their gourmet popcorn is gone. Please email us at to discuss what your goal is so we can find the perfect gift for your business.

13.   Can you custom color your gourmet popcorn?

Yes, we will gladly custom color your popcorn for bulk orders, party favors, fundraisers, weddings and larger orders. We cannot guarantee the exact color match but we will do our very best. The only flavor we can custom color is our Pirate Blend flavor.


Enjoy your gourmet popcorn!

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